The Wave, located in the North Coyote Buttes, is a world famous destination. Limited access area and permit required. We offer guided day and photo tours.

Coyote Buttes North Tours - Vermilion CliffsHow on earth do you get these permits? No secrets just try online here: or in Kanab Utah at the convention center located at 180 E 100 N Kanab Utah. If you find yourself in position of one of the precious few permits you are in for a treat. This is a huge area to explore and it’s criminal that only 20 permits are given per day. With nearly 2000 acres of wilderness it’s impossible to see more than a fraction of the area in a day so you need to be very efficient while hiking. Grand Circle Tours can help you discover the highlights you have always wanted to see. Minimum hiking distance to see the wave rock is about 6.5 miles over a combination of sand and rock. Summertime trips can be dangerous as temps can reach triple digits. This hike requires a moderate level of fitness as few people are used to climbing hills of sand in the heat. All that said it is an incredible area with much to explore. Drive time from Kanab is 1 hour.
Daily Lottery:
Advanced Lottery:
Tour Length: 7-8 hours
Price: $199.00 per person - 2 person minimum
Child: $99.00

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